About Us

Calvary Chapel History

In 1965, Pastor Chuck Smith began his ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CA) with just 25 people. From the beginning, Pastor Chuck welcomed all, young and old, without judgment, placing his emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God. His simple, yet sound, biblical approach drew 25,000 people weekly.

With a sincere concern for the lost, Pastor Chuck made room in his heart and his home for a generation of hippies and surfers, generating a movement of the Holy Spirit that spread from the West Coast to the East Coast, and now, throughout the world. What began as a small local church has now grown into an international ministry of over 1,800 fellowships throughout the world.

Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities TN is an example of one of those fellowships that has branched out from those simple beginnings.

Here in our website, we invite you to find out more about who we are and what we believe. We invite you to join us as we meet and worship our wonderful Lord and Savior, study His Word, fellowship together, grow in His grace, desire to make disciples and go into all the world with the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ.